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Swatting is a method exclusively notorious and illegal uprzykrzanie life streamerom (and not only them) popular in the USA. Cody’s “Clix” Konrad, despite her young age, a professional player in Fortnite, there was such a case during his streamu.

Clix, as usual, played in Fortnite portrait of your actions on Twitchu. All of a sudden I hear his comment about the interruption during the game, because the police in his house. “I zeswattowany, wait a minute, I must go.”

Napuszczanie police on innocent citizens in the joke or in the name of revenge with such trivial reason, such as a loss in an Online game, and even as a method of elimination of players in the entire game, it is unfortunately, despite the high penalties, the constantly occurring phenomenon in the United States. Not only the players in Fortnite are in danger, and even it not only affects streamerów.

Professional players in Fortnite condemned swatting

Cody Conrad, the during of the game in dealing with Fortnite swattingiem , and also spoke about this Form of illegal hunting on players in his Twitter . He said that swatting-it is a disgusting practice.