What a day Jennifer Lopez eat?


To talk about what was super Bowl Jennifer Lopez in the Super, and it is admired by the women and by artists of Latin most famous in the world. Its spectacular beauty and its enviable physical messages, and therefore, all want to know, to stay what is your training or your diet, its 50 years, the undisputed Queen of beauty latina. After the challenge of 10 days of no sugar and no carbs, you we have, what is what you eat-the diva JLo on a certain day.

The life style of JLo

Jennifer cares a lot and exercise daily, your body weakened. Her trainer Tracy Anderson is responsible for the creation of the tables of exercises for the fitness routines of JLo but also pay attention to your diet, along with the coach Dodd Romero.

As Jennifer is unstoppable, Anderson keeps her diet as clean as possible, in order to achieve the energy you need to get, and thus, your diet is based on bio-products and high-quality proteins.



Dodd Romero, the other guilty, the body is consumed, Lopez declared that Jennifer not for years, of caffeine, avoid alcohol and drink at least 7 glasses of water.

According to Anderson, everything you eat JLo is used fresh, with the exception of the processing, the protein powder to develop a shake, you can also during the week, so she gets her nutrients foods such as chicken, Turkey, eggs or beef is grass-fed. Also adds rosemary, the artist eats fish and nuts such as walnuts add healthy fats to the diet.

Jennifer takes a lot of vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables such as Kale, broccoli or spinach. Sometimes, and, if you do not the doors to an important event, they are more flexible with your diet and contains some complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potatoes or brown rice. Be of assimilation increases slowly, suddenly, the blood sugar level, the insulin is not working in the chord, in order to excess glucose produce, in the form of fat, so bravo for JLo.

But, although in General, the diet of Jennifer is very healthy, the diva is also human and loves to be pampered and re –with dimensions up to us ice can take, once in a when, of course, Yes!



What is Jennifer in a day?

According to the own JLo a day from your diet entirely, this healthy menu could. For Breakfast I love a smoothie with protein powder and berries, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Can also be used like a Greek yogurt, natural recharge, more protein, and it sweeten, honey and cinnamon, we add a bit of lemon juice and bring a couple of ice cubes-done!

Food combines protein with vegetables the latter is the maximum protagonist of your lunch. She likes it very much salmon accompanied by broccoli, zucchini or peppers, seasoned with a vinaigrette easily or opt for a salad that she loves, and is of the kale, cheese, pumpkin seeds, onion, lemon juice and’VE. Oh, mhh!

For dinner again protein combined with a complex carbohydrate such as quinoa or vegetables, one of the dishes, which is preferably the chicken, accompanied by Brussels sprouts or Turkey meat sautéed with quinoa, shallots and spinach. A light dinner always includes protein, to take care of your muscles.

What picotea between the hours? Of course, power. Take nuts or fruit to further the travel stroke of energy.

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Palmito appearance on 50 years of earthquake-Lopez is not just, because protect and much, a balanced diet, giving priority to the vegetable and protein quality and, of course, a routine of exercises to complete and, above all, constant.