What to expect after the Update 12.11 in Fortnite?


The players show that it is very likely that tomorrow will be in Fortnite will be updating the content is performed. Why does it make much sense?

Tomorrow, the Premiere should be the free Version of Battle Royale Call of Duty. It is very possible that it will impact on Fortnite, we have to choose, in the game, a kind of novelty.

Of course, this is not confirmed and should not perceive so.

The new update of the content?

Patch marked bring 12.11, in each case, the repair. Thanks to trello, we know what will be improved, among other things, a trap, or a function sprintowania on the Playstation 4. In addition, the changes relate to creative mode, if the function of memory.

Of course, basically, are not interested in Updates and News. This we have in General a few. The largest of them is the helicopter, which could soon be in Fortnite already are.

We will remind that known about them is, basically, everything. Damage only at the time of the collision with the player, and the function usually Transport.

In addition, in the files there is a new weapon in the proximity.

In return, we expect a mysterious device to allow faster masking in the course of the battle.

We must not also forget about the return of the double pistols. This, but you probably just go along with Deadpoolem, in just a few weeks.

When the Update is actually implemented, it will contain something interesting it is certainly. Great Patch with the designation as 12.20, probably only a week.