Why Rihanna refused, as the show’s central Super-Bowl-2020?


Much is the next musical event, which is part of the new edition of the Super Bowl,, which will be held in February 2020. While there are different opinions, there are those who understand why the plans changed and Shakira, in addition to JLonow the artists are the most important.

In spite of a previously speculated about the rejection of Rihanna on the proposal to make the show a key sporting event recently the famous Vogue magazine confirmed the news and gave the reasons why the artist didn’t want to, ok, the presentation of the half of the time.

According to the information revealed, the medium is specializing in fashion, during a short interview with the interpreter ‘Stay’ they knew the details of their rejection of this proposal and the thought of the remains in relation to the injustices experienced a player is, the African in 2016.

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On the question that he has the journal, if the invitation is refused to sing during the Super Bowl in 2020, in solidarity with the player to the afro Colin Kaepernickthe singer answered clearly: “absolutely“.

Of course, I rejected his proposal. He could not risk to participate in such a thing. Who do you win? Of course, this is not my people. I couldn’t sell them simply, in this way,” said Rihanna.

“There are things in this organization, with which I agree and would not go there to serve, in any way“not added to help the singer on their position to the Fund, which was affected by this event, a person, of the community of afro by your free thinking.

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This idea is borne out of the unpleasant experience with the player Kaepernick, if challenged Trump to hear the knees, the anthem, and then he was punished for the organization of the event. This form of protest was supported by Rihanna for quite some time.

However, to the knowledge of the negative Rihanna, many international media are wondering to accompany the strategy of the event in search of other artists, and interpreter ‘Diamonds’or if the solution was in view of the rejection of the proposal the artist replace the from Barbados with the presence of Shakira and JLo.