1vs1 after the elimination. Player Fortnite offers us a new solution in the Battle Royale with Call of Duty


Yesterday was the opening of free Battle was Royale of Call of Duty.

Call of Duty is Brewed, because this title carries a regulation Battle Royale from the last COD’and brings a couple of interesting mechanics. One of them-duel 1vs1 at the Moment, where we stay zlikwidowani. Although it seems that the theme of the Battle Royale come much impossible, however, this piece is a success.

Player Fortnite watching with interest

It is no secret that the people who like Battle Royale experience just new games. PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends and now Brewed. The maker CODa tries really, since a good game came to them.

One of the most interesting novelties of a duel 1vs1 is the Moment when one of our allies, will be liquidated. He then goes on to something, what is called here gułagiem and take a duel against any other respect for the fallen player. If he wins, is released and returns to the game. How exactly it looks?


Really an interesting question. Games in the Warzone with 150 people on a map, so that the number of dead people is pretty big. Before the meeting, usually you have to wait a while. During this time, you can see how others cope.

Or something like a Chance in Fortnite would have? Duel to the pistols on the small map is certainly an interesting innovation. Epic Games in the past zapożyczało Treasury, that the System can be determined. May be, and in this case, Fortnite gets what Warzone originally introduced. To play up that people had the opportunity, earlier in the production, Epic, on the regulation of BR in Call of Duty talk very positively.

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