A pair of glasses and a baseball cap, Larissa she is, posing on the beach in Rio de Janeiro


The actress left her fans in a trance

From: Alefy Jones | 10 March – 19:43

Larissa Manoela advantage, that you your well-deserved vacation in Rio de Janeiro and released in the afternoon hours of today, Tuesday (10. May), there is a picture in which it appears, with the cap on backwards and dark sunglasses.

The singer gave a lecture on his Instagram, and many fans have said that the body, looking for the muse for a person for 25.

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the wind 💨

A publication jointly by Larissa Manoela (@larissamanoela) in the

In the photo, and took more than 184-thousand-liked, and he held the lecture.

Most recently, Larissa has left Manoela, has to feed his followers from the human heart.

The actress posed with a look at the basics, but anything other than basic at the same time, showing the beautiful legs are long and defined, and wearing a denim skirt and a long jacket-black, focus on the Shoe, because it is post-advertising. But the thing that really grabs our attention the beauty of the muse that inspires the fans. Read more.


Larissa Manoela appears stunning, on the side of your

Larissa Manoela shows good form on the click of the summer, and the fans are crazy: “It’s different”.

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