A-Rod, Jennifer Lopez and her date with a double bed, and Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry


When it comes to talking about your social life, ex de bolivia Alex Rodriguez prefer to keep a low profileespecially , if you are one of your meetings, important personalities, such as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

After a few weeks of rumors, finally the ex-star of the Yankees, confirmed indirectly twice a date, that he, the Dukes of Sussex and his bride, the latina diva Jennifer Lopez. It was during an appearance as a guest in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday, when asked by the star, the sport, give details of whether he and “Jenny from the block” with had click an appointment double-dinner “royals”.

You and Jennifer Lopez recently, she had an appointment with a double bed and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? And if so, who pays?”, the question to the front, the moderator, was published, and took a surprise, the Dominicans, the he was shy, as she looked suspiciously around the forum record.

“I signed an agreement to protect the confidentiality, he answered nervous. “Non-disclosure”, was the brief answer is that A-Rod replied, laughing uncomfortably.

The question of Jimmy came in the case of the various versions that realized that during the short stay of the Duke in Miami in the last month they did find a place in your appointment calendars to have dinner with the “power couple”, J-Lo and A-Rod.

The partners in Latin America, was in the city, the preparations and the presentation of Jennifer in the last half of the Superbowl, while the pair of English was there for the catering of an event of the company’s financial JP Morganthe same, in which Harry talked about his mother, Princess Diana, share, has 7 years of therapy to overcome his departure.

After this engagement, the couple a table is divided into a private dinner with one of the couples most important of entertainment in the United States. At the time was one of the first to be seen, then confirm your decision to resign from the Royal family, and to be introduced, in Canada, in the event that the media dubbed as the “Megxit”.

These days, a source told the us media Page Six: “Harry and Meghan were very good with Jennifer and Alex, and spent some time talking with them at dinner. Heard it on J-Lo to invite the couple and their baby Archie to the house of her and Alex in Miami to spend time with them and their children”.

It is not known whether the couple that you took with a title within the monarchy, the invitation to. This meeting sparked the rumor that more than a dinner, it was tried to establish contacts, a meeting to talk shop together.

According to the reported Daily Mailthe encounter between the two pairs found in the luxurious restaurant of Habitat of 1 Hotel in South Beach at 6.February.

What you don’t know is how he made the connection between the two pairs or who were the ” organised the meeting, that he immediately attracted attention. But the couple from the grandson of Elizabeth II and the ex-actress from movies like “Very similar to the love”and “I Want to kill my boss” it ceased to see, and with personalities from the middle of the entertainment, then you have to appeared to be always surrounded by the Royal English.

Another version suggests that during this visit in Miami Meghan and Harry the invitation, rejected by the Academy to present the Oscar for the best film, the most important category of the gala, although they said they feel very honored by such an important distinction.