BBB20. The father-of-Manu-is a sign for the movie of the Hunger Games on the wall


The father of singer Manu Gavassi, the radio station, Joe Louis, made him the symbol of the robin, that was used by Katniss Everdeen in the trilogy of the Hunger Games, during the game BBB20. The request came on the part of the listener of the Joe Louis.

In the video you can see, to kiss, the speaker in the radio on 89 (SP), and the tips of his fingers and lift the arm with three fingers up, as for the character, played by Jennifer Lawrence. In the comments to the publication, the listener, Joe, thanked him for the gesture of affection.

Manu Gavassi-Nominated Actor Babu Santana) – Victor Hugo. Victor ended up with the worst and he was eliminated, which is 85% of the votes. In the program, the More you have, presented by Ana Maria Braga, a psychologist, arrived, shows, to say that he had a lot about it. Pyong accused to play a foul against him,” He said to me that William had a consultant that gave advice on how he should behave in the house,” and he also stated that the participants in the house.

“It was all just a dream, but I couldn’t be myself, I really do. I was not able to be friendly enough, and when I tried it, it was as a fake. The people did not know, give me a chance to open up to me,” said Hank.