Beyoncé and Meghan Markle, seals at the premiere of ‘The lion king’


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The Dukes of Sussex, Harry of England (35 years old) and Meghan Markle (37), have this Sunday afternoon for the European premiere in London, the new blockbuster from Disney The Lion King.

On the carpet of the Golden rolled in to Leicester Square, missing a visit to the famous the curious and fans gathered in front of the gates of the famous British cinema. Beyoncé (37), plays the lioness Nala in the film and voice to several songs from the new soundtrack came together with her husband Jay-Z (49), evokes the hysteria, in the present.

Harry of England, and Meghan Markle at the premiere of 'The lion king'.

Harry of England, and Meghan Markle at the premiere of ‘The lion king’.


The emergence of Meghan Markle in its first premiere on the red carpet, as a member of the British Royal family was not chosen by chance. The last big project of Disney, represented by remake the The Lion King, it is a tribute to the African culture in form and content. The American group works with various Ngos for the conservation of the environment in Africa and both Markle as her husband, Prince Harryyou will feel a great attachment with quoted-continent, about the influence of Diana Princess of Wales.

In addition, he revealed the house Royal in the upcoming fall the Dukes of Sussex and to begin a course on Africa tour in addition to the little Archie. The defense of Meghan Markle for the rights of African Americans and their position in feminist connects into force Beyoncétheir message through their songs and their discourses are essentially based on empowerment of the female figure. More precisely, the origin black.

The sincere hug between the two was the global trend in the social networks and also the short conversation between the billionaire marriage of the artist and the princes of the Britons has transcended to the media.

According to the journalist revealed Daily Mail specialized in royals Rebecca English, Beyoncé so Meghan Markle your baby was “valuable”. Prince Harry of England asked Queen Bey (Queen Bey) and her husband from the twins, Rumi and Sir Carter (2) you replied that you were home and not always traveling with them. At the conclusion of the rapper a Council dared, if real marriage: “The best advice I can give is that you always you’ll find time for you“.

For your encounter with the British Royal house, Beyoncé selected Golden dress silk pleated silhouette and asymmetrical designer taiwan Nguyen Cong Tri. With his feet in the sandals Jimmy Choo (model Misty) also conquered you in your day Queen Letizia (46) and was on their last trip out of state to Argentina.

Beyoncé, he plays the lioness Nala in

Beyoncé, he plays the lioness Nala in “The lion king, posing in the ‘photo shoot’.


For his part, Meghan Marklethe adjustment to the marking dress code had to black, go opted for a dress from the company Jason Wu with long sleeves and transparency, the tulle on the chest. Such as shoes, sandals destalonadas of the company Aquazzura and in his hand a clutch of Gucci.

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