Beyoncé sings of Kobe Bryant in his homage to the way more emotional


Last Sunday, the 26. January 2020, a sad and unexpected news, the whole world shook: the talented basquetbolista Kobe Bryant and his daughter were killed in a plane crash.

Only a few minutes after this unfortunate message is not confirmed to be, many celebrities reacted before the death Bryant and his daughter Giannacondolences to share along with some news and emotional photos where the NBA legend were.

Weeks later, in the Oscar 2020, Kobe Bryant was a moving tribute to the famous ‘in memory’ with each year, these awards remind us of the talented individuals in connection with the world of cinema and entertainment who have lost their lives in the last few months.

But that was not the only one tribute to Kobe hadthe day today is a special found ‘in memory’, in which she paid tribute to the falelcido athletes us.

Where was the memorial of Kobe Bryant 24 February 2020?

This assessment took place a few hours ago in the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Beyoncé pays tribute to Kobe Bryant

The pop star had the task to open the ceremony singing in honor of Kobe, his daughter Gianna and all the people who died in the same plane crash.