Beyoncé starts Beforeiletgochallenge the #, the challenge’, the dance of the world


On 17 april, Netflix surprised the millions of fans Beyoncé you throw your first documentary. A film in the memory of the legendary performance of the artist on the Coachella festival from last year, a concert this meant the return to the stage, the American singer, the complicated birth of twins. Homecoming it is not just the proliferation of that look, but a vision, more intimate and personal.

At the same time with the platform streaming the aim of this documentary, Beyoncé wanted to delight and surprise their fans with an album, an album released digital platforms, where the whole tone of the film. Called Homecoming: The Live Album in it we find great success, which is part of the history of music as a Crazy in love at the same time unreleased tracks such as Before I let go. In particular, this topic, has the networks to learn these last days. What is the reason? The new version of the own Beyoncé challenge #BeforeILetGoChallengean initiative that everyone can dance to this song.


Instagram @beyonce

The singer even showed through, Instagramthe hashtag and shared some of the videos, as circulated in the social networks. The success is even more brutal, only worthy of a Queen such as you, in just a couple of hours, more than 1400 videos circulating on the net. No one is responding imitate the movements of Beyoncé or the aesthetics followed on the Coachella. How dare you?