Blanca Surez, Tamara Falc, Jennifer Lopez or Paz Vega: the celebrities want the summer and as what to share with the world


Appearance, body and give us on the traces of clothing or a sauna, which appears to be in soon! the presence, in our case


To welcome several months left to the summer, the few ms long-awaited of the year. Like us, they are many celebrities already counting the days to be missed, the beach and boast a silhouette standing under the sun, under the proposals for the fashionable bathing-season. This is the reason why, although the scarf is still an important addition to occur, asphalt, and many of them laughed, looking back to ms account back make it easier (and causes, that our desire, the beach, climbing exponentially). Some of you could enjoy up to first chapuzn of the year.

Blanca Surez

One of the pioneers was Blanca Surezwho lies in the desire to pack up and travel to a destination paradisaco. The protagonist The girl of the cable you share with more than four million followers, the shape in which they appeared dndose a chapuzn with a beautiful bandeau bikini from Women’s Secret with diagonal stripes in the colors of ms lively, behind the more the brown skin. “I want water and sun, and lime”enter the wortfhrer madrilea.

Paz Vega

Like White, Paz Vega in the mood for sun and beach had. However, contrary to the first, the protagonist of Luca and sex actually, that was your desire. In the middle of the winter, and the actress huy low temperatures for weather the water of the Caribbean and enjoy in the crystal clear. In particular, peace has adopted the Punta Cana as the destination for a couple of days off and presumi the first is sitting in front of the mirror and 2020. The wortfhrer a decided swimwear-white-black with neck holder and pronounced neck,, it is already part of the list of our wishes for the upcoming summer.

Ariadne Traffic Accident In Las Palmas

Ariadne Traffic Accident In Las Palmas it is one of the lucky ones, the ‘summer’ all year. The model lives on the Canary Islands, and in many small units, which goes in a bikini on the side of the ocean. Here, the beach is not only the ‘temple’ of shutdown and cleaning of the model, but also the site idneo is for carrying out a session of yoga or overhaul work. “The hour of sunlight in the office. Believe it or not, from here you can work very well,” has written, the model raised the envy of your followers.

Tamara Falc

But if someone surprised and paralyzed, the network sits in these last few weeks, thanks to a bikini, was the Tamara Falc. The diseadora for the realization of a trip to Lanzarote, where she showed a spectacular figure and a great pair of abdominal muscles. The daughter of Isabel Preysler, the just released a new collection of clothes,, ms in the way that you will never, and has it all without words.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopezone of the women, ms explosive in the world, also wanted to boast of the curves in first line of sea. “No one likes a beach with shadow…”written by the artist in the Bronx next to a video, this is the garment of bao with the opening of its special ‘summer’. A swimwear-and-white-round neck holder and a deep v-neck with detailing, braided on the side. To show a model idneo, moreno and curves explosive.