Demi Rose is sharing the bathtub with another woman caused, by everything, Instagram


The famous British model, Demi Rose, super popular in the application Instagram, and also look like Selena Gomez according to some users, that their stories, that he for the tub in addition to a mysterious woman.

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The young woman released a video, the super dare, where, in addition to an attractive young woman, both of them together in a bikini and share this moment so intimate and special.

In the video we see Demi smiling at the camera and presumiento her cute figure in a bikini, and then to show that it is not just about getting a shower in the bath alone, but of an intimate moment, that he was next to one of her friends, but in the vicinity.

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It is @Loan_Love_ , a photographer and professional model, has been working with them, while many of his recordings, including the pair in the in a tub full of petals, so you have done, very close, and it does not bother you to share these moments of personal hygiene.

At the moment, are on a journey together in the desert, visiting the pyramids and have used the opportunity to take some photos together and alone, wearing spectacular-because these places are more exotic.

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It will be recalled that recently, the Ll-boy photo super was released in the naughty your great attributes, in a way, the furore in the social network. In photography, the young stand basin in a water, in front of the camera, a form that challenges us, where in the background we see a beautiful beach with the one that never dies”, plays a significant moment, because sure the temperature of his followers grew, as he you on the beach under the sun.

Demi, at just 24 years old, and her beauty and curvaceous figure, has managed to dresses to millions through the social networks. The boy has also challenged pretty much on Instagram, too spicy because their photos look. Is one of the stars of Instagram has a more than daring, and beautiful photos from the popular application.