Demi wanted to do Lovato, has an unexpected proposal from Rihanna


The renewed Demi was able to prove Lovato already, on various occasions, has been taken seriously, and his return to the music and comes out stronger than ever before.

First of all, let impressed the audience awards ‘Grammy’ with their interpretation of ‘Anyone’, it’s a ballad, it’s a distress call from a woman was to break. Of course, you can not leave it, spend your incredible performance in the ‘Super Bowl’. And recently opened ‘I love me’, a song about the topics you rocked, your life in the most difficult of the singer.

During your visit in the program of Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Lovato clearly has a lot of ideas for future work and since the thought of some projects, if you confessed to the presenter proposed the use of a collaboration affect.

The artist does not go through, we have no chance and has made it possible for the moment to one of his dreams: to tell with Rihanna for Lp. The cooperation, which, not has been to the chagrin of the fans of Demi, the confirmation by the other protagonist of the message.

However, it is not something to Demi about to make would be: “You did not answer, but nothing happens. Me not offended, because you Rihanna” the first images of the filming of DeGeneres, and even dared to confess, with a different and surprising tip: “don’t Look, I just want to kiss, well, together we could have a cooperation, the kiss might we see in the video, I know it,”

If something had, of course, the ex girls, Disney is that you have Rihanna and again ready to meet all of your goals without fear. But the need to do, to explain, in public, in TV one of the best artists of all time, as it is the interpreter, “Love On The Brain’.