Fortnite – Deadpool in the game. You can see the Trailer of the new season in the UEFA Cup


Fortnite lived until the next season in the UEFA Cup. Players, as in the case of each of these kind of Updates, you can expect some changes on the map, to buy cosmetic items, as well as a Pass that will unlock a variety of digital bonuses. Among them are also Skins for the character, and one of them is… Deadpool.

Most popular hero appears in a new Trailer skip. In the network of the first materials to show directly in the game fall. In and see for yourself how Deadpool is Fortnite.

Of course, not without a more General trailer for the new season.

It is not the first collaboration of Epic Games and Marvel. Earlier in the game available for temporary events, in which the players use to fight with Thanosem and weapons Avengersów. This time, however, there is the ability to unlock Skins Deadpoola permanently – if you show him during the current season, then it will be on your account after its completion.

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