Geisy Arruda is the show in danger on the web, almost everything is in the picture. Here


Geisy Arruda, crossed the finish line more than once on Instagram and now, you run the risk of with a new photo that was deleted. This is because it is the social network that deletes the pictures with the subjects of the act. These, however, do not give a damn about the rule, and it has become a cause for the greatest excitement among the fans.

“A kiss says more than a thousand words… I want to write a text on your body, legendou Geisy in the picture is on the inside of the underwear, the red fabric is transparent.

She tried to cover up the private parts with an emoji, but without success, the fans have seen it all. In the course of the comments, netizens expressed: “it was Not to be put on the newcomer, “Very hot”, “wonderful”, “It kills me in the heart” and “don’ T work very well for the novice.

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