Gizelly is committed to a passion for the law and the public to root for a romance, the · the news on TV


WRITE Published on 06/02/2020, at 11h54 – up-to-Date on the 07/02/2020, at 10h50

In the early hours of the morning on Thursday (6.) in the BBB20, Gizelly Bicalho Manu Gavassi e Rafa Kali man said that they were in love with Marcela Mc Gowan. “Every night, before you the nurse in a conversation said to go to bed I looked at, want to say ‘I love you’, but I’m afraid that you have to go and think that I’m crazy”,, in the room with the sky. In the social media, and the public shippando is the couple and Gicela.

In spite of the two-laying down just like friends, the internet, is that it came with, and has the reality is already explained to the audience that a full-length would happen in the novel.

Isolated in a room, the women began to talk about relationships, asked where Gizelly Manu Gavassi, if it is possible to love someone in three months. “Give it, the worse it is,” said the singer who has called the First oak, the in a dating relationship, as soon as he entered the house.

In the video, it is not clear whether the lawyer is in love with the way that the emotional/sexual, or if it was just a way to Express your affection for friend, the doctor. Apart from this, the viewers of the 20th edition of Big Brother Brazil, you want to be more than a friendship.

The term “Gicela” (a mixture of the names of the two sisters), is for the shippar for the couple, and has become one of the most commented topics of the Brazilian on Twitter, this Thursday (6th). Up to Ana, in order to be eligible for a discount, one of the main protagonists of the workout: long live the difference”, stated support for the hashtag.

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“I know that, and they are very friendly, but someone who is secure, not looking in my shippar couples have the straight normativos? I am safe and secure. Oh, my (ship) Gicela to kiss if you actually!”, he wrote for the American actress, the some of the symbols on the faces of love in the post.

Check-out time Gizelly admits that his passion for the law:

To see some of the answers:

Ignored the Problem

On the evening of Thursday (6) that are not transferred, something about a possible romance on the BBB20. The Problem focuses on the misunderstanding and gave a special mention to the couple’s home, consisting of a piece of the Martins, and William Paul. The exchange of affection between the sisters, and a confession, to be Gizelly about being in love, you do not have played.

To happen before the kiss between the work and the Guillaume, some of the editions have already shown the intimate moments, as in the first model, he tried to kiss the singer. The programme also showed the different Is Gabriela, a “confirmation from God” on Wednesday calling for a good game. There is an expectation that is created around the couple, other than what is going on with the law and the law.