‘Harleys in Hawaii”: the new single of Katy Perry


Katy Perry, who is already one of the most important artists of 2019, has returned brand new topic. After ‘Never Really Over’, with which a new era was, and ‘Small Talk’, the American singer to light has brought ‘Harleys In Hawaii”, with a sound that differentiates itself from the previous two.

‘Harleys In Hawaii”, away from the conventional

‘Harleys In Hawaii”, which was announced in July, and finally the world premiere on 19 October, the composition and production by Charlie Puth. The topic will be premiered, along with a promotional video, in which Katy Perry goes on a trip to tropical motorcycle, within the island of Hawaii.

The song sounds catchy own topics, Perry, and, as in his two other films, the most recent, once again, to demonstrate that the ingestion of a away from conventional within the pop-music. The artist test different and unexpected styles before brand new her sixth album completely. After the premiere more electro of “Never Really Over” and go unnoticed “Small Talk”, “Harleys in Hawaii” offers a little slower, but no less attractive. The reverie had become ‘Teenage Dream’, with ‘Harleys In Hawaii”, but more discrete and Mature.

The sixth album on the way

The three cutting-edge topics of Katy Perry the 2019 part published, with safety, than-anticipated sixth album from Perry, the still have not offered many details possible dates for the premiere. The fans of the singer will be happy to listen to you, the complete work after the last work came to light in June 2017 with the name ‘Witness’ and suffered a bump in sales. However, and thanks mainly to the theme ‘Never Really Over’, the artist, of his role as one of the singers with more sales in 2019 and collect 30 million listeners per month Spotify.

Katy Perry 'Harleys in Hawaii'. Source: katyperry.com
Katy Perry ‘Harleys in Hawaii’. Source: katyperry.com

Although it is not known, nothing to do with long-awaited sixth album from Katy Perry, the recently, the world premiere of ‘Harleys In Hawaii’ is a win-win for the artists, by their sound Mature with a result district, full of pop-demanding.

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