Have to say goodbye to the music? Taylor Swift would act in a famous series


The interpreter ‘Bad Blood’ is known worldwide for her musical talent, however, it would be just as successful in acting? The could have known a few years ago, as reported this week, that Taylor Swift went to his ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

This series was from 2009 to 2017 and tells the story about a young woman named Elena, located in a small village in the United States, the acquaintance of Stefan Salvatore, a mysterious student who turns out to be a vampire, the lives of several adventures together with his brother, Damon.

During the eight years the show was on the air, it was this phenomenon of pop-culture, reach out to inspire millions of viewers and led to the fame of its protagonists, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley.

The funny thing is that he almost is the integration of Swift, the cast of the series, because the producers created a character for you, betrayed Dobrev in an interview for the E! News.

“I remember hearing that from the very beginning that Taylor Swift was a fan of the program. And then the producers tried to write a paper for you. Did not work, their working hours, obviously you couldn’t be on the program. But it was amazing”, he said that the actress, who gave you life, Elena.

Though Taylor Swift would be in ‘The Vampire Diaries’, to see her qualities, she has already worked in some TV series such as”CSI’ or ‘New Girl’ and in the cinema with the movies ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘The Giver’but they played themselves or a character that was similar to his personality; to be the biggest challenge for you in ‘Les Miserables’ from Director Tom Hopper, since the stay was to be in the project, so the filmmakers themselves.

At the moment, the singer has been released, on 31 his documentary “Miss Americana’, produced by Netflix, and tells about the events both in your personal and professional life he spent in creating his cd ‘Lover’.