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Izabel Goulart (photo: Deco Rodrigues/Revista QUEM)

Izabel Goulart28-year-old, who lives there and eight in New York city. The supermodel, who had not yet accustomed to take the longing for family, and has a “hobby” on a plane, and go back to the house, in São paulo (BRAZIL). You replied to the questions sent by the readers to the website of someone who, while I ate lunch, and pasta with minced meat and onion in St. Paul. “I am superb with my body. It’s in my genetics,” he said to the model recently, its thinness criticism, even that which is not, is a diet. One of the angels, of the brand of the lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret, she says that she cried a lot at the beginning of his career, if it is in the Cup. The author of the painting “girl Amazing”, a Fantastic program of TV Globo, which will give the winner a contract for 500 thousand reais, he added, that it has no desire to marry and have children with her boyfriend, businessman Marcelo Costa.

Izabel Goulart (Photo By Deco Rodrigues

1 – What is your ritual, be careful with your face?
Paula and statistics, Rio de Janeiro (rio de janeiro)

I can protect the care of your skin in the night and during the day, just to me. When I Wake up, step an astringent to leave the skin prepared. After that, put on a sunscreen blocker, full. The change is to a corzinha the guard to a face tan without sun. In the evening I use a makeup remover, water, and to take a step back, in the spots of the sun.

2 – do you have the time to take care of your hair?
You Pretti, Francisco Morato (SP),
I do it all the time, isn’t it? Why is it the woman, who has the time? The court has then on in the day. I have hair with lots of volume, then cut them in layers, and about once a month. Revezo a lot of shampoos.

3 – are you afraid of growing older?
Natalie Vilhena to Belo Horizonte, minas gerais, Brazil)
No, not because I care that much. I am a person who is very active. I need to play golf to feel good about myself. I need boxes for my pilates and kick. If you don’t do it, and I feel like the old one. It is better if we look at it today, and not worry too much, what will bring tomorrow.

4 – How do you spell “girl Amazing”?

Barbara Perosa, Santa Maria, rio grande do sul)
I’m in love with. I felt like I was willing to accept. If you don’t have to tell the story, and you would not accept. I’ve been doing this for ten years of my career, and I learned a lot. I felt it was my job to pass as much as I can.for girls

Izabel Goulart (Photo By Deco Rodrigues

5 – have you ever thought about abandoning a model?
Andrew Galli, Florianópolis (santa catarina)
‘ve had cried for nights where I was and I was pissed, because it uses hard to get to the routine. What a person loves to hear, “no” and be heard? didn’t say that I had the body type for a runway model, because she was very pretty and she had Boobs and curves.

6 – what are you doing to your body always in shape?
Paula Valentini, duck, Large (PR)
The weight is 55 kilos and I measure 1.78 meters. I am superb with my body. It’s in my genetics, I don’t have to worry about the scale. I am very thankful for that. I didn’t need to go on a diet.

Izabel Goulart (Photo By Deco Rodrigues

7 – you still have six brothers and sisters. How was growing up in a large family?
Alana Metri, Juiz de Fora, minas gerais.
When we’re together, we played as if we were children. He helped with the housework at home, because I’m number two. I wore them and was on the search for the brothers in the school. The family is about all. If you are shot in the fifth, and I’m just going to have to another job on Tuesday, I was on the plane, and I’m here until Sunday. A lot of people have several Hobbies, and so on. You like to go shopping, to wander… to go I like back to the house.

8 – think you, like Alessandra Ambrosio?
You Stockler, Rio de Janeiro (rio de janeiro)
We are super Amigas and superirmãs. I personally don’t like it. But there was a time when we have a look at the work of another, and said, “we are Really very similar as on the photo.

9. How did you meet your friend? Think about marry and have children with him?
Julia Hirata, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
I met Marcelo through friends. We first met six years ago, and they all failed. I had always dreamed of, with many children, but nothing has so far been made available. I hope that I will be with my friend today. We always think that love is today love is eternal. This is the great love of your life. Right now, I’m living in the moment, to think about all the babies of my friends.

10 – What was the most beautiful place, and it is interesting that you have made?
Ana Carolina-Mezzadri, Gramado, rio grande do sul)
The Fernando de Noronha archipelago. I am in love with him. It is to do an extraordinary place to go and you don’t have something. And the capital of the fashion, of course. My favorite memories are in Paris, Milan, London, New York, for you was it, I knew. I also like to go skiing in France.

Izabel Goulart (photo: Deco Rodrigues/Revista QUEM)

Izabel Goulart (photo: Deco Rodrigues/Revista QUEM)

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