Justin Bieber attacks Selena Gomez on her new album, Yummy


To accompany famous and successful Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. But also stays with you like a shadow, the pain caused by the old wounds. The proof is strain in the tips they leave behind, and in his songs about the stormy and intermittent relationship remained for 10 years.

Recently, the singer made. In a video clip gloomy and thoughtful, released in October 2019, he devoted a few lines to your last relationship. In the song “Lots Of You To Love Me“, Selena Gomez says: “I Had to lose to meet”, “I had to hate you to love” and “in two months we have reemplazaste as if it would be easy”.


Now came the turn of Justin Bieber. After 4 years, their last album, the the artist again on the 24th of December and was a Christmas gift to his fans. In a video the release of their new album with the single announced “Yummy“. In the publication, the young singer is also your tour of the Usa and his native Canada announces.


The other face of Justin Bieber

In your new label, productions, Justin is a strong message for his ex-girlfriend, no doubt. “I lost almost ten years with a woman that was even half of what you are,” says Bieber in a verse, in allusion to his past with Selena Gomez and his presence, with his wife, the model, Hailey Baldwin.

In the video, hung in the eve of Christmas, we also found a Bieber is more Mature. “I feel that this album is different than all the other albums of the phase in the I Think in my life… I am exactly where I should be, and God has me exactly where he wants me to,” he says.

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About the experiences of the ex of Selena Gomez ensures that everyone has their story, and that they sell shares. “It is music that I love most of what I’ve done”, he also in the last shot.

Yummy is triggered, tomorrow 3. January 2020, through Def Jam Recordings. The new hard drive is promising. He said in collaboration with Diplo, Travis Scott, Halsey and other large the world of art.