Katy Perry announces the release of your theme Harleys in Hawaii


Katy Perry reveals her social networks, which starts next Wednesday, October 16, with his new single “Harleys in Hawaii”. He did announced, with a photograph, such as a look setentero. Clothed with a mono set of flowers and zebra print, and a headband over her famous blonde curls, the singer appears to rise in one of these typical motorcycles.

“10.16.19” is the only message along with the picture of Katy Perry with pink background and green palm trees, the glimpses of the seventies are rounded.

The American singer and has the same aesthetic, which in may was presented, the past is “Never Really Over”, the first single from their new album, and then in august with “Small-Talk”, in the topics taken up this pop sound, which led them to the star.

In the videos of the two songs, he uses the style of “pin-up” – and pastel shades like orange, yellow and light blue is a tribute to the American music of this time.

Until now, the music video “Never Really Over” has more than 102 million views on YouTube and “Small Talk” with her little dog who wins 20 million visits.

The new single from Katy Perry after the failure of a jury in Los Angeles, the singer was comes and your team will pay 2.78 billion us dollars per plagiarize a rap song Christian for their successful theme of “Dark Horse”. The artist pays 550,000 dollars in the pocket, and the rest of the amount is for his record company, Capitol Records, and other contributors.

The sum of money to compensate for the singer Marcus Gray, who under the alias Flame, he specialized in the rap of Christianity and denounced in 2014, Katy Perry, as you have used your computer, the melody and fragments of his song “Joyful Noise”.