Katy Perry has a new song could throw, very soon


Been two long years since Katy Perry started his last hard drive called ‘Witness‘and everything seems to indicate that your next album come on, the comeback of the singer could be marked with a new song at the end of the month of may could.

The rumors that ‘KP5‘will occur very soon began to, after the radio station, us ‘New 102.7‘he began to proclaim that new music Katy Perry coming very soon. A video where in stops advertising, the singer has begun the round Twitter.

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In addition to this rumorbe introduced to the names of the possible song be transferred to the radio station in the United States ‘Never Really Over‘and is triggered, on the 31. The hashtag #katyperry iscoming has become a trend Twitterwhere the KatyCats together they have seems to be their excitement about the comeback of the singer, getting closer and closer.

Other rumors it is a special, while the finale American Idol because he believes that Katy Perry and Daddy Right Angle Reflex Viewfinder Buy interpreted remix of ‘With Rest‘apart from a performance of “Unconditionally’. The singer is back!