Katy Perry presents her apparent change from the ‘look’ (sentence in Spanish)


Like all of the pop star, of worth, Katy Perry an expert in the transformation of their own imageand has already become accustomed to their followers, to the extravagant wardrobe and hairstyles, he wears it every time when you attended an event or gala, and it must be done, to the attention of the lightning. However, there is an element in their physical aspect, that the singer has preserved more or less unaffected, what about the last year: short hair.

And it’s already been too much able to play with the colors and the style, Perry, he was no longer to keep a long mane from the type ‘of course’ quite a time, in the context of the cut ‘pixie’. But now newly added to limit their new-found foray into the reggaeton of the hand, Daddy Yankeethe artists have uploaded on your Instagram a selfie in front of the mirror, you will be solved already, and the wrath of his followers as a blonde hair is falling on her shoulders and she looks a different.

In addition to the photography, Perry, the following question was added in addition: “what’s your name, baby?”, by the same hint as to what you don’t recognize his appearance. To use your language, it is apparent that this is thrown, perhaps, refers to the sudden change of the look of capillaries on the topic, in addition to Yankee on Thursday night. There is a video clip is already in progress?

The song specifically, this means a remix of the song ‘quiet’that the latino singer started in the beginning of this year, and it, in turn, was an adaptation of the single ‘Informer’ rapper Snow. And given the millions of reproductions that he is already in Youtube, the new version with Perry, everything suggests that the success again to repeat it again. The issue has been together with a lyric video, in the appearance of the avatars of the artist, Perry still with his trademark short hair.

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His followers were thrilled by the change

On the other hand, the reaction of the fans of the American in front of your new hair do not have to be able to more than positive. The publication of over two million ‘likes’ and the vast majority of the comments clap loop this tour, the mane, long, if also wigs or extensionsas is the case.

It is also user gave, the quickly are you looking for similar artists this new kind of self, and some have noted its great similarity with the main cast of the tv series ‘Orange is the New Black”, embodied by the actress Taylor Schilling. And up to celebrities like Emma Roberts you have been flatter in the past by the ‘feed’ of the singer your look. Even Daddy Yankee has given its consent with the symbol of a red rose.