Kim Kardashian stopped to dress, so sexy, like Kanye West?


Although many people doubted their relationship, the time proved them right, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one of the partners of consolidated of the most famous faces in the world. To sit in the very opposite of what you believed, when they began their advertising, but went with the years. In fact, together, they have founded a family with four children, which has changed her life.

How your life has changed, the religion. Kanye West is so excited about their conversion to Christianity, which you want to change some areas of your life, for example, the way to dress, his wife, Kim Kardashian.

This was a problem for the couple have to fix, because the us rapper believes that is much too sexy to be a new form of life, and you want the Queen of the most famous family in America now start to dress much less provocatively.

This kind of thinking, the favor of your man nothing to Kim Kardashiam, and the statements led to a major controversy both in the media such as in social networks. But Kanye is so convinced of his conversion, which will also be welcoming their new cd, “Jesus is king’.

These statements, which was for the first time during one of the episodes of the controversial reality tv clan ‘Keepin’ Up With The Kardashians’ and since then, it has not done more the strengthen you in your intentions, that your entire family change your life style.

“I think I’ve just completed, a transition phase, in which I used to be a rapper, the looks on all the women to a man who looks at his wife and wonders why you have to go and teach your body in this way on the whole world” some of the statements made by the rapper from were were to realize that she had the feeling was the call of God.

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“Before I realized how much that affected my soul and my spirit as a married man and father of four children. For me, the corset is underwear. Who is sexy, a piece of clothing?” to be some words which have not passed, not discovered.

Kim Kardashian remained quiet at these words, and said the following: “You know that last night I had a panic attack and the last thing I need right now is more negative energy around me, because it pleases you, that dresses you, the set”and Kanye responded with other inappropriate statements: “But you’re my wife and me are concerned, if you are much too sexy in the photos,” he said.

“You helped from the beginning, you build this image of a person, sexy and self-confident, and just because now it means on a spiritual journey that changes you as a person that I at the same place with you“so, Kim.

It seems, however, that the entrepreneur has already changed his mind. After a few explanations you have made, exclusively for ‘The Real’ Kim is ready to change that of her husband: “He is my husband and I to honor him, so pay attention to your feelings, and this change is important, that goes through. It is especially for the children. Older and he is very aware of everything you have at home. We got rid of the television in the children’s room and we pull out all the makeup out of the room from the North”.

For this reason,finally, Kim Kardashian has because of the reason why your husband and you will change your manner of dress to “I agree with him. But I will always be me. Simple, we discuss what is too much and what is. I am the mother of four children, and next year I’m 40. When is it time to quit?”, he explained. For this reason, we take leave of the image you Kim over the years has shaped.

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