Kylie Jenner broke the law, and also stand in danger of


If there is someone who can not avoid it, show every detail of your life in social networks is Kylie Jenner and Yes, it doesn’t matter whether what he does is for some, fun for others is wrong and it also doesn’t matter if you are against the law. This time, it was against all the rules of your country and beyond by you in danger, and we do not know whether the small Stormi.

Definitely no one, we are nothing to judge what others do, because in the end, everyone has his life and does what she wants with her, however, when it comes to rules and laws to which we are bound is, in reality, if something again prohibited and Kylie apparently, it does not matter to him, this is what showed in his stories.

And that this again, there’s a video pulled on your account of Instagram, where driving on the roads of L. A, with the rain, and also with your cell phone to record the time, although many still do not understand why you say that you travel and also record, where makes your life and could even cause an accident in which you endanger the lives of others.

Although you might think that is somewhat exaggerated, in reality it is, because it could happen, an accident, and the most important thing is that Kylie Yes, he broke the law because in California, the city in which he lives, the celebrity is illegal to burn and use the cell phone while you are driving. So after all, Yes challenged, the laws of your state, and it is not the first time you do it.