Miley Cyrus, Chiara Ferragni, Madonna, Laura Pausini, the measures you have taken, the famous, against the coronavirus


The famous are also affected by the coronavirus
and many of them bring your contribution, in order to prevent the
contagion spread
. So, for example, Laura PausiniTiziano Ferro-or Nek is
had the campaign ‘I’m home’ the awareness of their followers
of the importance, in these moments, especially in his country, Italy,
where steps in this direction have become more and more drastic.

On the other hand, the influencer Italian Chiara Ferragni and
man, Fedez
are engaged successfully in a campaign that has already collected more
of to slow down three million euros in donations for the progress of the coronavirus.

In addition, Miley Cyrus has cancelled a concert in Australia
throw this message: “On the basis of the recommendations of the authorities
government local, state, Federal and international, including
The center for disease control, to reduce the potential risks for the
health in response to the current crisis in the global health, has decided not to
travel to Australia for the concert”

Other that was also, together with this initiative Madonna,, the was interrupted in his concert in Paris and gave it back
the audience in the full amount of the inputs.

Another event that also was canceled
traditional dance of the Rose, the the Royal family in Monaco
it is celebrated every year with
the arrival of spring. And in the crosshairs, there are many events, such as
for example, the Festival Coachellaa huge number of well-known and its celebration in the air.