Rapper 50 Cent picks it up with a documentary tv Show about the movement to #MeToo: “the persecution of the black” – Monet


50 Cent Is Gay, (Photo: Instagram)

50 Cent Is Gay, (Photo: Instagram)

For the upcoming documentary about the movement to #MeToo produced in the course of media, Oprah Winfrey, is already causing controversy. According to the The NY Postthe hip-hop singer 50 Cent has made criticism of the harsh it on Instagram on Thursday: “I do not understand why you are on the hunt for black men,” along with a picture of Oprah Winfrey, and Russell Simmons, the latter is accused of sexual harassment by the year 2017. Simmons, producer of the age of 62, has denied the allegations.

“Without Harvey Weinstein, no Interviews, just to Michael Jackson, and Russell Simmons, this shit is sad,” said 50 Cent. The Oprah Winfrey show, and the impact on the partners, together with the film-makers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering for a documentary that will be displayed in the year 2020, about sexual abuse in the music industry. The film provides comments from Drew Dixon, one of the many women who claim that All of the sexually abused.

In a separate post on Instagram, also on Thursday, 50 Cent a photo of six men, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Kevin Spacey, and the President, Donald Trump told. The first two have written the word “JAIL”, on the upper side of the cover, while “FREE” is placed on top of the other, all in white.

“Don’t you think they realize, however, that this is going on?”, he wrote with 50 Cent. Russell Simmons also took Instagram to share with his critics: “dear OPRAH, you have been a shining light for my family and my community,” he began. “It is so disturbing that you pick me up in his new film. I must admit, a playboy bunny (which, appropriately, today, the ‘womanizer’ – and I’ve put in situations more revealing, than almost any man I know… so Many, that a new-or re-imagine a different memory of the same experiences.”

He added that he is on the nine ” tests of a lie detector for three hours,” and “stories of lies”. “It is my fault for the exploration, promotion, and did the soundtrack to a society that, by grossly unequal, but violence never was and I abused someone,” he said.

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