Salma Hayek-produced series for Netflix


Salma Hayek-produced series for Netflix - Play-Instagram

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Salma Hayek and Netflix have teamed up to produce a series that are recorded in Mexico, with a plot that was going for the tequila.

The platform reported that he, together with the producers on the actress Ventana Rosa, in collaboration with the Lemmon-Studios and Stearn’ s Castle, a Monarch, a program in which the story focuses on a family whose source of income is the production of tequila, so that one of its members, built the decision to opt out from the system corruption, over generations, reveals the scandals and the violence, whose victims they are able to generate to, to protect their rights.

Erik Barmack, vice president of original series, international series, has already confirmed for production

“For us, here in Mexico it is a priority to continue working on the series, and we hope that we can offer you the best original in the world.”

Salma, for her part, said: “I feel involved is incredibly enthusiastic, the series and the collaboration with the amazing talents of the region. We are very proud to show off to Mexico as a nation with a living, and the rich, culturally”.