Selena Gomez changes the look and the hair cut in the style of ‘Rachel Green’ Friends


We don’t know whether it’s a marketing strategy after the release of Rare or if Selena Gomez has given, the change of look for no apparent reason, but the reality is that the artists are already testing for months hair care different. Us, you in love with the pony is universal around the worldalso wore the half-mane in our childhood and, until then, had reflexes caramel color trend. But the new cut of the that Selena Gomez has decided to seems to provide a tribute to Rachel Green (Friends) and, more specifically, to the view that one of your best friends, Jennifer Aniston.


The Barber of Selena, Marissa Marinohe shared the video of the moment in which Selena look premiered to change. Was in the show from Kelly Clarkson, where the singer performed this mane cut layers and styled with a blow-dry the perfect smoothing, with movement in the tops, the much more the hairstyle that Jennifer wore it in one of their main roles.

Even Jennifer Aniston has been detected on, in an interview, that they baptized the famous hair, hated cutting, and later as a mane Rachel, the fashion of the 90s is back and this includes the famous style. The hair cut in question consists of a sequence of capas longer and shorter we offer the hair an extra volume. Everything points to the fact that the singer and his stylist agreed seem to be equivalent to, the reunion Friends.

2selena gomez-change-of-look

Considering that the actors are recognized to have good friends for some time, the great possibility that Selena Gomez can be inspired by Jennifer, as her “big sister” is. In fact, it is not the first time that the singer Lots of you to love me makes a nod to the actress, the almost always a key look.

selena-gomez-cambiio-out look

And, of course, taking into account the powerful influence of Selena Gomez about her fans so much that Rachel Green is a role model for all his fans, what we cut in front of the new trendy hair up to 2020? If the 90s experience revival more, all the ballot papers.