Selena Gomez suffers from panic attacks, you Love 2019


The day, of yesterday, 24 November Los Angeles drew gala for the 47° edition of the American Music Awards in 2019prices, awarded the best of what the music industry is the vote of the audience.

The authority, with the opening of the ceremony was Selena Gomez, who made his triumphant return and took the stage at the AMAs for the latest singles interpret ‘Loose you to love me’ and “Look at her now’.

In spite of the large presentation Gomez on stage was started, the fans of the singer, show your concern about the social networks, because they did not realize that the artist looked comfortable enough on the stage.

And so it came to pass, the interpreter ‘The heart want what it wants‘suffered a panic attack and anxiety just before on the stagetherefore, lucia a little uncomfortable during their presentation. “Selena, he definitely had fear and a fit of panic, before leaving, urged to be very”, said a source close to the actress for the website E! News.

The failure of audio

At the beginning everything seemed to be marching bad for Selena, because in addition to panic attack, your presentation was criticized by several failures of audio. However, these disadvantages are eliminated, which during the last few minutes of the artist on the stage, what a great return to the stage.

The gratitude of his followers

As soon as the gala ended, Selena took to his official Instagram to thank her team and fans it is accompanied and supported them during their passage through the American Music Awards.

“It feels good to be back. Many thanks to my team and to my fans, who are always supportive. All of this is for you. Excited about this new Chapter. #sg2 @love” a expressed the actress in the description for the publication.

There is no doubt that Selena had a lot to talk about in the course of the evening, and in spite of the disadvantages, which they crossed, the singer knew how to come forward and give the best you on stage.