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Selena Gomez has it in 27 years. By many as the age of the stars, damn, exactly, are dead, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain or Janis Joplin— seems this singer, actress, and businesswoman in a talisman, which you hold.

Because the past months have been to say, so easily, complicated this exniña Disney now pop diva. Who once was Queen, the tele —where he at the age of 14 years and according to sovereign Instagram saw he was deposed, essentially by themselves. The world seemed large, the young Gomez.

If in the year 2017, their war began, with the privacy, if you decide to close the profile of Instagram (Yes, to see “nothing more”, 130 million followers), 2018 has been included in one of the toughest years for the singer: after the recovery of lupus with transplantation, the fights with her mother, to cope with the therapy, anxiety, and depression; and a combination of back-and-forth with Justin Bieber ended up worse than better. Finally, the year ended up to be entered to heal a exclusive center for the rehabilitation that has tried the same in the he,, your addiction Kit Harington and costs 100,000 euro in the month. There he spent two months entered by a treatment, called terapia dialectical behavior therapy, which focuses on the search for the acceptance of oneself by therapies in individual and group sessions.

The therapy did its effect. What i knoweven you, the was “proud” of the person is always. Gomez seems to have found their place in the world. He rode with Woody Allen and Jim Jarmusch, with whom he presented last may film at the Festival of Cannes. Then he thought about the vulnerability expressed by the social networks and, as it stands, his generation to the fake news. “I’m afraid to see how far the young people are,” he thought then. “We are up to date on the news. It is dangerous that the people do not have the correct information”.

The new Chapter brought a change mentally and physically. Your image is now from the ground up, fresh, and was, in part, by your stylist, Young, recommended also, Dakota Johnson, Michele Williams and Margot Robbie, Kate, always among the best in Hollywood. Young began his career as an assistant to the magazine Voguefoster also appeared on the account of Instagram of Gomez, what has helped your career in the same way that the stylist was the singer modernise your style and to follow auparse as a symbol of the veinteañeras, and not both, in search of the trend. Both of the boy picture-brands like Puma and Coach

“Well, now, I am 27 years old,” of he tells of Rome, on the same social networks that confesses that love and hate at the same time. “I want every birthday of you, the words dedicated to you me my. It is not something to lightly. The idea that you have power behind every word that you write, me cum wept out of gratitude, as I yesterday evening. I pray for all of you. I love you.” Gomez lthis number is bequeathed around for you on Monday, but not executed, the message ” many thanks and until Wednesday. Not in a hurry to the festivities. Another shows the maturity that characterized them in the last time.