Shakira fell in love with the two of mariachi music danced style Champeta


After the successful participation of Shakira during the Super Bowl in 2020, he conquered his fans with his incredible dance to the rhythm of the champetathe that become viral in social networks and make him a new Challenge and perhaps, it seems that the Colombian is amazed with two mariachis.

Apparently Range 1000 want to include a theme, with the star in Colombia, all this thanks to the surprise, took Shakira and millions of people dancing in costume, mariachi-style #Champeta challenge.

Thousands of people have shared her video by the same challenge, in social networks, however, were a few mariachis the surprised the Colombian-born Shakira.

Someone people are asking for maybe a Super Bowl, to the NFL show part time obscene

El mariachi mexicano is located to the car by your bags, in Miami and Colombia, where they require presence, then make it viral video two of the youth members go out dancing and enjoy the video that was release of Shakira.

In the video you can the two mariachi to the parish Church of San Miguel Arcángel ” in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, while you move on to the magnificent the rhythm of champeta.

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Mariachi music, dancing champeta “, And I thought he had seen everything!”, published by Shakira.

After a few hours of posting on Instagram already 5 million viewsthis, of course, without the thousands of people in the video saw through Facebook and Twitter.

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We got invitations from Colombia, so that we can make interviews for the TV at the weekend and on Thursday we will make a for Telemundo in Miami,” said yesterday in a telephone Jesus, Palette, managing Director and owner of Mariachi interview.

“I’m also the dad of these two Chicks came dancing out,” added the musician.

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There is no doubt that the good motions of Shakira are followed by all of his fans, because it is not the first time that the singer uses a dance, the people wants to follow, as with the song “Waka waka”issue of the official journal of the 2010 world Cup.