Shakira showed the most difficult time in your relationship with Gerard Piqué


Within the last two years, Shakira had a polemic after another because he was accused of problems with the Prosecutor’s office of Barcelona for alleged tax evasion, plagiarism, the issue of “bike” and had bands a hemorrhage to her vocal chords. This had an impact on your personal life, since the singer spoke about her difficult time, who has suffered all his life with the partner.

“It was a positive experience, because I a person is very pessimistic. He was bitter and it was impossible for me to be close. Gerard saw the worst of it for me,” confessed to the daily newspaper The Guardian in an interview with advertising for their documentary, “Shakira in Concert: The Golden World Tour”.

“I always knew you’d be things in my life, like the beauty, the youth, and all of these things. But I never thought that my voice would leave mebecause it is so inherent in my nature. It was my identity. So if I don’t sing, it was unbearable. There were times in which I don’t get out of my bed was, I was so depressed,” said the Colombian.

According to the composer, said the journal, the quarrels with your partner were never as many as if you couldn’t speak. “He jokes that everyone wants to keep his wife in the mouth, but if I transfer the booking to my voice, and he felt like one of those ex-convicts, which is free and you do not know what you reported with the freedom”.

“I was always a enfadadísima, and I needed him to talk. Gerard pique has seen me, to leave so many times, you cry because you thought I could not go back to my race. I said, no, I was bitter for a future with a woman, all made music out there, while I’m locked up at home with the children. ‘Go away from there and get to work’,” said the singer of the Agency AFP.

For the singer could be restored, without the need for surgery, he had to be calm, large amounts of time. Of this situation, explained how frustrating the life with their children was, since I could not speak with you, and you also could not write, because the small had four and two years old and they could not read. “I had to communicate, on the basis of the signals, and no one could understand me”, he added.

Shakira secured, visited five doctors were of the opinion that the Colombian needed surgery before you use it again in your voice. However, you refused this measure because I wanted to get away from their children.

“My son, Sascha, said I prayed to the child Jesus and of the mother of God, to speak thus it again. To speak In these months, without my relationship with Gerard be affected,” he said.

Instead of a procedure, the entrepreneur decided to use the meditation and the hipnósis, according to the British newspaper, and has even been to Lourdes, France, to water to get a miracle. “I needed or surgery or divine intervention. It almost felt like a religious experience,” he said of the return of his voice. He also confessed that he has every night of his tour, he moving in the two cases, because of its problemsit felt like a gift.

With the tour finally implemented, and is now a movie, tells of his travels through the world, the year, the paint seems to be a lot better. In addition, at the end of september it became known that you and the singer Jennifer Lopez to act in the show, the halftime of the Super Bowl LIV.

And to participate although in the last years, many artists have refused, in solidarity, the movement that of quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the Colombian she assured that it was ok for what is right for the latino community in the United States.

“We also have a lot of things in America, Trump… an opportunity for our culture,” he explains.