Shakira, “you see the strip, the partidura”: The photo, which he doesn’t want you to see


Shakira in the Davis Cup – EFE

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Monday, 02 December, 2019, at 13:44

Shakira in the Davis Cup – EFE

Nine years ago, published the video to their single ‘Loca’. One of their most successful songs. On YouTube has more than 500 million impressions, however, are now leaked a photo of this production.

Behind the cameras, music videos, always a couple of photos to come. This time, the video was and the Colombian do not want to see them.

Because in these leaked pictures leaked looks on Instagram to Shak ‘strip’. So it is not have; the ‘outfit’ is used, this chance is favored, and you gave him a bad game.

It was a swimsuit, the golden on the top and a pair of pants in the same color. The artist has always defined itself characterized by a belly enviable and super. Maybe used to cut a very large piece of clothing, and a movement caused him to saw.

Video Video “Loca” by Shakira / Instagram
Photo intimate Shakira Photo intimate Shakira / Instagram

Check out the video of the Crazy


Criticism in the Davis Cup

A week ago, the interpreter ‘Before six,’ he sang in the Davis Cup final, along with compatriot Camilo Echeverry and the Puerto Ricans Pedro bonnet. Although many of the blinded, while others make playback criticized for allegedly.

Davis Cup Final At the end of the Davis Cup / EFE

The Colombians, he played three songs of his greatest successes before the presentation of the teams on a stage installed in the middle and was decomposed in only a quarter of an hour.

Shakira Shakira / EFE

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