She steals a car and stopped to be guaranteed, the singer Beyoncé


A woman of 48 years was arrested and came in the population of Las Crucesin the County of Santa Barbara, steal a car, and when the police asked for your name, said to be Beyoncé.

According to the local press, the woman a car that had been reported, drove like it was stolen for its owner, and in the early morning hours of Saturday went through the streets of the city, when the police warned of the vehicle.

The authorities in Las Cruces is located in California, we were forced to use a fingerprint scanner to identify the woman who finally was years as Surena Henry, the 48.

She steals a car and are stopped, be guaranteed to Beyoncé at the police The woman finally gave his name can be identified, such as Surena Henry, 48 years / photo/RT

Tell the police, the lady in the time of the arrest that was the us-American artist, Beyoncé, 38 years.

The report of the police not to continue stating that Henry asked to listen to the signal by the police to stop, so that she went in, she stops immediately when she finally parked in front of his residence and left the vehicle.

The alleged Beyoncé received various allegations

The wrong Beyoncé is facing various positionslike, what is a warrant in the municipal is issued, does not appear. In addition, it was accused of, the fee is illegal to take a motorized vehicle, hiding, identity, resistance and obstacle for the arrest.

The police said that the vehicle was stolen from a residence, is located in Las Cruces, about 10 o’clock in the evening and 7 o’clock in the morning on Saturday.

While the owner Complainant had the opportunity to have ceased to be the key in the vehicle is revealed or left in the vicinity of the house, so that it facilitates the task of the alleged Beyoncé take him.