So as you there are two! Denise Milani makes the small Demi Rose


Denise Milani it has managed, in the shortest amount of time, what other section of pink has meant that the whole of life. The Czech Republic is as the biggest competition the curvy par excellence, Demi Rose and has managed with this title on the basis of look palmito but unlike Demi.

True to his word hold the fabric over your body and not let it seeDenise draws with the same ease, power, Rose, because both share similarities, but there are some who believe that Denise has become the worst nightmare of Demi.

And the truth is, we do not see, but will give you the right.

Did you see this size? What now understand the comparisons, and the fear Rose?

Is not so strange that Demi scared and find you compromise your position because ” Denise comes stomp and has no intention to stop!

And that we can provide you with a top and with the right clothes to train himself what will become of us, if we see with a swimsuit? or with an evening dress from the neckline up to the navel?

With just imagine, we were speechless!

Because Denise is great and unlike Demi, the size of its physical focused on your navel, look at the back, and you could remain unnoticed!

But if we with the Czech beforeif we detect your profile that Demi no chance furthermore, the high animals of the volume is considered to be the top-curves,.

Milani came to and didn’t want to, the thing Rose from its pedestal pushed, ‘bye-bye’ the curvy and congratulations on the new arrival.

And is considered to be the scourge of Demi Rose for reasons that fall into the eye, it is a real privilege in the section of pink, as you believe it so?