so marriage Alex Rodriguez bat


  • This is the moment, in the Alex Rodriguez bat marriage on Jennifer Lopez.
  • Happened in the Bahamas, a year ago, and since then have separated.

    Jennifer Lopez the verse is heard in 2018: “And what of the ring pa’ what time is?”, a set filled almost prophetic months later, when her boyfriend at the time —today-promised— Alex Rodriguez he knelt down in front of her and asked marriage. Happened in the Paradise of the Bahamas, and has since had little or nothing filtering of this particular moment until now. The own athletes, was responsible, together on an emotional video on social networks, where we can see him, kneeling in front of the artist, dressed all in white, on the beach and in ‘shock’ is always the ‘rock’ in the hand. In the same post we can also see a collection of moments that have happened over the tórtolos, in the course of the last few months, this is a beautiful souvenir, with the Alex and commemorates the one year since the ordered corresponds. The message with the documentation, the pictures, was this:

    “A year ago on the beach in the Bahamas… it Was attacked by the nervous, more nervous than during my sporting career. I knelt down and I have to ask you a question… and you said Yes free to play game.. Jennifer, every moment with you is a blessing. You’re my best friend, my inspiration, a mother is incredible and a role model for the whole world. Macha, I feel super afortunado be with you. Thank you for making my life better, I can’t wait more to share with others moments with you. I love you”.

    The artist quickly realized the video and it is not clear how excited I was after the momentazo:

    “😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ¡YOU! This is what 😭♥awesome ♥love it. 💍🌟I have to say”.

    Yes, despite all the gestures of love and great moments you have given to us in the social networks —such as the recent TikTok, that viralizaban, partner has promised, is not yet clear what will take place, this link in fact, you have not even an approximate. So, Alex, last september, is Not admitted, as it was the question of a journalist: “I know neither the place nor the clothes that I still wear”. A little later the marathon awards season that JLo lived with great intensity, as well as the height of the Super Bowl together with Shakira. What is going on with the wedding now breathe a little quieter? The truth is, we don’t believe, because, as already shown, over two decades, the work is always the first, what is this heroine of the pop.