Taylor Swift, clap after this dollar donation to Nashville


The city of Nasville, Tennessee is in the midst of chaos injury and property damage from a series of tornadoes ensañaran with the state capital. In addition, the natural disaster claimed some lives and dozens of injured. Since then, the panorama has dark the protagonist of the city, whose reconstruction has begun, so Taylor Swift has decided to help is.

Since a few days ago, the auxiliary started measures to the concerned and have open, so that you are the one who can always help improve your grants. An initiative that seems to be one of the most effective solutions, in order to return to normality, wanted to Swift to the the add characters is very recognized as Taylor.

The American singer published on her profile of Instagram a story that had been told to make a donation help in the restoration of the city and wanted you to animate your fans to do the same.

“Nashville is my home, and the fact that many people lost their house, especially in Middle Tennessee, is a little devastating,” said the artist.

Taylor, in addition, facilitate the process through its publication: “I Have a donation in the emergency room of Middle Tennessee, so if you do the same, I invite you, push it to the top”, the consciousness of his followers of the importance of the situation.

Although the interpreter ‘Lover’ not,” confessed the amount of your donation, the ‘E!News was confirmed a little later that it a help very generously, nothing more and nothing less than a million dollars.

As the singer wanted to have other artists, displayed in the bereaved before the tragedy, and brought news of the mood in social networks. This also includes the ‘Hayley Williams’, or ‘Jake Owen,’ he said, proud of the empathy and the humanity, with which he has responded, as his “home”