Taylor Swift donates a million dollars in Nashville, the tornadoes


The superstar of music, Taylor Swiftalways had a great respect and affection for the city, she took as a daughter, not tired of the music. Nashvillethe capital of the country is not right going on with the tornadoes and other climatic events, Swift and wanted to, in cooperation with the parties concerned.

You donated a million dollars, but the blonde let her, of course, always supported by his people.

“Nashville is my home, and the fact that many people lost their house, especially in Middle Tennessee, is a little devastating,” continued Swift. “I have a donation to the emergency room Middle Tennesseeso, if you said the same thing, I invite you, push it to the top”, Taylor in his stories Instagram.

More and more policy

With the release of the video The Manin the month , the memory of the woman, the singer offered a tribute and criticism in the social system and their involvement in the industry. “I’m sick of it, to run as fast as I can, I would be faster if you were a man,” a live-the message Taylor Swift in the text of his new single.


The International day of the woman also sings

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The video, directed and acted by it, as compared with the Leonardo DiCaprio in The movie ” the Wolf of Wall Street in the office or on a yacht, surrounded by women. The Man is a cocktail, a mixture of various ingredients of political discourse runs the latest version of the feminist singer.

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