Taylor Swift had a role in ‘chronicle of the vampire’ | Tv and cinema could have


Have already thought of many and many have that Taylor Swift is a supernatural being from another world. Things that happen when you’re a star in the world, and everything you do turns to gold, I suppose. But a few years ago the pop diva would have been a vamp. Well, maybe not literally, but Yes, in a series of young people most successful in the last ten years: Chronicle of a vampire.

The series continued to the end of the was able to stagger three years ago, after 171 episodes, and 8, the pop star between their distribution. And how do we know? Very easy Nina Dobrevthe actress is captured, recorded the series has been known in an interview with E! News.

Nina, is in full promotion of their film Run This Townhas admitted that the Swift-almost has a small role in the series as a fan of: “We hear that Taylor was a fan of the series and the producers were trying to write a paper for elle, but it didn’t work, because there were scheduling conflicts. You have done a great job”.

Sure Tay, it was great to wear as an elegant vamp. Who knows, maybe would have bet look like Look What You Made Me Do. Oh, that would be madness!

Wouldn’t be the first time that Taylor Swift is in a movie or a series. We have seen how the artist in New Girl, Stories Valentine’s Day or in the recent Cats. What you might see in the future, which in any other production? Only time will tell us.