The extravagant finger nails of Rosalia is still Kylie Jenner has


Rosalie was one of the most famous artists of the Spanish to one of the world’s largest and your music has come to all corners of the planet, in addition to the collaboration with various singers, the of their size.

But something that a lot of attention in the world of social networks are the most luxurious and extravagant finger nails, the artist boasts, in any of his photos, because that always changes from design to impose fashion among his millions of followers.

Stones, crystals, exotic colors and up to computer cable some of the designs that you use pride on Instagram, the interpreter, With high, although the taste you have introduced, and some of the criticism was one of them, as users criticized, fur coats are, but you defended his opponent.

“I saw your a spectacle, and a very fine”, “The incredibly beautiful nails, The beautiful nails, Beautiful, are, you, bless the super,” wrote the internet surfers.

Remember that your girlfriend is Kylie Jenner, with the man she has seen in the last time, and is of the view that the millionaire is more the young world has also a showoff, the Rosalie your nails on Instagram, but nothing is loaded the nails are unreal.

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