The romantic video of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: remembered as the day of his commitment


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have committed themselves in the past year, with a huge diamond ring of USD 5 million as a symbol of their love and in the middle of a Paradise beach on the island, in the Bahamas, where the social networks were the best witnesses, but several months away, the famous decided to remember the special time with an emotional video consisting of your best photos.

“I was nervous, more than nervous that my whole career as a player I have said on my knees and I have a question… you that Yes“she recalls in her account of Instagram to post a clip of just under two minutes.

The former baseball player also described the woman lives for the past three years as your friend, your inspiration, a mother is incredible and a role model for all: “Jennifer, every moment with you is a blessing.”

“I’m really lucky with you. Thank you for improving my life. I can’t wait to have more memories with you, the athlete on the marriage, said to marry with JLo, although none of the two has clearly come, the date placed on the altar.

The moving video, the “Diva from the Bronx” and in the two accounts was divided since the sum of thousands of reproductions and positive reactions.

Was on 9. March 2019, when the eyes couple traveled to the island, in the Bahamas, where they lived, one of the eyes and most important in its history as a couple: the former star of the baseball, 43 years old, knelt before the diva latina and asked her to marry him with a ring to the value of USD 5 million as a symbol of their love.

The couple used the social networks to share snapshots about the romantic encounter on the beach, and even wrote messages in allusion to the event that shaped the history of love.

The diva subtituló the images with the date of the big day: “3.9.19”. In the ex-players of the Yankees, shared a message in his stories about Instagram on the happy occasion.

“It’s not there to share many words with you, only feelings. Gratitude. Emotion. And just … joy. We know that there is a lot of work to build a family and a future that we can be proud of. We are very grateful for all your messages of love and congratulations“said the athlete, the origin of the Dominicans.

And undertook, in March of last year, both Jennifer Lopez as Alex Rodriguez of the tracks have very vague information about the link, in addition, various scandals, such as the alleged infidelity of the athlete and the allegations against the actress and singer through their participation in crooks were confronted with.

It was 24 hours since he was publicly the commitment of the partners, if the ex-baseball player Jose Canseco posted on Twitter that the future husband of the “Diva ” Bronx” of the seduced, with his ex-wife Jessica Sekely: “I have no idea who he really is”.

In a series of tweets, Canseco claimed that Rodriguez cheated on Lopez with his ex-wife. And noted that he was present when Rodriguez rang.

Both were silent after the scandal and they continued with their commitment in the middle of the rumors about a crisis sentimental.

Fox News he spoke with people close to the couple, and knew that there were tensions between them: “The friends have seen, discuss frequently. There is a lot of passion in your relationship, the help, and hurt the partner, especially when personalities collide, because you just know that an explosion is imminent”.

The friends of this romance added, the battles have intensified, since ex de bolivia revealed some of the details of the conversations he has with other celebrities, such as entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner, and actor Idris Elba, while the Met-Gala in the year 2019.

Slowly, the various versions of a fraction were scattered and fell in love again boast that their love across the entire width of the social networks since the start have been witnesses of his love and admiration.

In september of last year the couple celebrated his engagement party in the villa of the famous singer Carole Bayer Sager in Los Angeles, California. Hours later, the “Diva from the Bronx” and ex-baseball player, popular you some pictures of this special moment in time through the social networks.

In an interview with Entertainment TonightJennifer said that she had a certain amount of space to the big event: “We are talking about the topic, but we have no plan fixed… and we spoke of many places, but I don’t know yet”.

JLo has spoken about how important this marriage is has pointed out that the first two links to actor Ojani Noa and dancer Cris Judd, is not the fist since I was very young and lasted very little time.

“You’re already 3 years, we’re getting married soon, soon, soon, but in the next year“said 2019 in a video, after he lives a half a century.

On the same clip, the famous assured that now on the search for getting married in the middle of a religious ceremony and once Alex Rodriguez confessed that his bride is the one that organized everything.

To add “if you have wedding plans, and Jennifer is your partner, all you can do, and”, he said in an interview in the show, Strahan, Sara and Keke.

The famous have declared that they have a simple bind, which is also present will be and your ex-couples.

The marriage with the athletes, the origin of the Dominicans is: the district of la latina, who married three times with actor Ojani Noa, dancer Cris Judd, and singer Marc Anthony, the father of her twins Emme and Max, 10 years old. Rodriguez has two daughters from his marriage with Cynthia Scurtis.