The Selenators time hot of her idol: Selena Gomez thong


OMG! If there is someone with us girl crush at most, you Selena Gomez, which we have seen existing in all stages and now in one of the best of your life!

Although the style of Selena, is always very classy, in your 15a20 a facet of the rebels was, the posing even Topless and in a Thong.

The Selenators recently decided to the days are very hot, your idol, and you will certainly have not seen this photo:

The singer “Rare” once she posed with just a towel did not see that you had a brasserie but, yeah, a tattoo with a mysterious sentence. In addition, she wore an eye-catching and hot tanga ¡dorada!

You have seen before this photo of Selena?