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Miley Cyrus at the Met gala in 2019. Video trailer of “Black Mirror”. Getty Images

In november 2018, the brutal fires in California-the life of Miley Cyrus changed. Her house in Malibu burned down completely. The event, although traumatic, was developed the final pulse in the process of reinvention U.S. companies for years, and ends this week with several premieres as a singer and actress.

31. may presented live in Barcelona on his new album She is comingas one of the stars of the Primavera Sound. And this Wednesday, the 5. June, the large tv screens, as the protagonist of a new Chapter in the prestigious series for Netflix Black Mirror. Your character, a special pop-star, in the era of technology gives rise to a critique of the industry that you helped to build, together with the leaders of the series, by his personal experience. “Describes the excessive exploitation of the artist and, as the figures overshadowed the creative part”, it moves with you even in the British newspaper The Guardian.

That is the battle of the pound at the moment Cyrus is in the music and moved in her personal life. In this half a year after the fire, it is time for the organization of a flash wedding with Liam Hemsworth, with whom he is already past almost ten years of breaks and reconciliations. You were married only a few weeks after the loss of their common household, and which were installed in Nashville, in the vicinity of the house in which she grew up.

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Not that the irreverent pop star has decided to take on his personality, the joy in the world, dropped just speed. The 26-year-old, their life cycles are fast and intense. Since he has managed to re-invented, has failed and come back. The completion of the stele of a child star Hannah Montana, Cyrus sought to overturn, his picture of girls Disney aware that the toll was to pay higher than the stars for the male than the Jonas Brothers. While rushed, your rings chastity, she needed to assert his right to his body control.

Fact is encouraged, a picture hipersexual in videos, interviews, social networks and live performances. The criticism of her behavior was so forced that tracks all of these interventions in the public sector. The highlight in her ascent, and controversy came with its annotated appearance with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Awards 2013.

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Awards 2013.
Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Awards 2013. getty images

The consequences of this twerking damn banal were so —Vogue from songs of the singer of the cover, the break I had planned with her— on the essential —your relationship with Hemsworth ended up cancelled. Do not re-join until 2016.

“I will myself with my decisions. Sometimes, even, I think: Why nose I have? or What led me to this point? What? Why?”on confessed in February 2019 “Vanity Fair” after you conquer again the title pages of magazines.

The price for success in the entertainment industry as a woman, happens also in your private life. The decisions in your career is the cause for the unofficial break in almost all cases, in which the couple has separated.

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You explained to her how Harper’s Bazaar: “Had to change. And do not change, while the other person is in the same direction too complicated. Suddenly, you are surprised, think of the other: Because not recognize you. We had each other to love.”

To lose the daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus was not imported sound, you are not feeling well to change the power in the charts, the way of a pop. Published in 2017 Yonger Now hard disk on which you embraced your roots in music country. It is an absolute commercial failure. But the experiment led him to grab, a producer of Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, in order to save the career. He has helped the singer to honor her godmother Dolly Parton, who, without leaving the current sounds in the theme Nothing Breaks Like Heart, with the has captured, the digital platforms. Together again together on She is comingthe first of three EPs released, along with the 2019.

Despite the changes, their essence is still intact. Their recent advertising campaign She’s coming includes suggestive poses in Instagram and the publication of a special merchandis hung. Through their store-to-digital condoms sold listed with the name of the cd, the on the packaging. The price is 20 dollars per unit, but there is a reason that justifies the high price: the purchase includes a digital copy of the album.

After storms, fires, and time for silent reflection, Cyrus funny now seems to make about your character Black Mirror paper that has represented in popular culture in recent years.

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