The video of Beyonce, shows her mother her hair natural


Beyoncé in addition to her mother, she will have the role of the new wave of impressions if you upload a video in which is shown by the soloist, looks like the hair separates the strands of what, allegedly, of course, nothing of extensions, nothing artificial hair, or at least that she says…

Only a few hours after the release Tina has deleted itbut it was long enough to give it to other accounts, and had a great influence on the entire network.

A natural hair, of course, is that some of them cost, to believe, and during all this time, we have seen that Queen B with millions of hairstyles from wavy combed up, and most of the times, with wigs and extensions, to the point that you don’t know when to use them and when not to.

In the video, the artist’s mother laughs and to see crying with great enthusiasm, the pelazo of Beyoncé, what a laugh, being sarcastic, or is the natural hair of Beyonce, a hundred percent?

Sure that you are interested in…

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