VIDEO: Luciana Sandoval, and Mario Sibrián imitate the challenge of with the Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Tik Tok | news from El Salvador is crazy


The presenters of the program Viva tomorrow, the peculiar challenge of the dance were sensual, and you swap their roles, and their clothes.

With “Flip the Switch Challenge” is the new challenge viral in social networks last week. Is the inclusion of videos along with any other person, during one of the two dance to the song “Nonstop” rapper Drake; after the light is turned off, the change of roles, including his clothes.

In the challenge, have participated, and people, with such famous names as the actress Jennifer Lopez and exbeisbolista Alex Rodriguez. The famous couple of the “challenge” came – and released a video in your social networks, you can see, the “diva from the Bronx” with a white dress and set, while the exbeisbolista professional features in a mirror with your cell phone. Seconds later, they change roles: Rodriguez is dancing with the dress of their bride-to-be, and JLo is wearing the clothes and sunglasses exdeportista.

JLo and her boyfriend shared their funny video to an account of Tik Tok. Photo Instagram

The video sparked laughter and amazement of many fans, because it is obvious that the expelotero of the Marines, Rangers and Yankees hasn’t had a behavior of the public seriously.

As was to be expected, this challenge was soon of the personalities of the band from el salvador. The first few, it was to do Luciana Sandoval and Mario Sibrián, driver of the tv program in the morning-Viva tomorrow.

The charismatic presenter, in the stories of your account of Instagram two videos where you can see him next to his colleagues, and conjure up the strange scene.

The charismatic presenters of the tv-El Salvador-exchanged roles. Photo Instagram @lucianasandovalsv

In the first moment you can dance Luciana with a tight blue dress, while Sibrián, who is a bag of images, taken with his mobile phone to his partner. In an instant, the scene is reversed: now Mario is who the dress and Luciana is wearing the costume from him.

It is expected that other famous el salvador to join the challenge and share your videos.