What happened between Rihanna and Drake at the birthday party of the singer?


Rihanna and Drake were time, distance…

The fans of the pop culture we know since some years, a lot of rumoró that Rihanna and Drake they were a couple. Even if no one ever spoke openly about it, it was in the year of 2016, if things are more serious. After several collaborations together, the chemistry between the two was more than obvious.

During the MTV VMAs in 2016, Drake confessed that he Is the whole world his feelings: “it’s someone, I fell in love since I was 22 years old. Is one of my best friends in the world. Now, as an adult, I still admire, though younger than I am.” The reaction of Rihanna went down in history as the time, more embarrassed and uncomfortable on television.

Since then, she thought she had left behind, his friendship, but the last birthday of the Grammy-award winner, proved the contrary.

The details in the video above.

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