What is Beyoncé pregnant? These images sparked the controversy


The controversy surrounding the alleged pregnancy of Beyoncé began, some of the pictures you published on your Instagram.

13 Aug-2019 18:37From: canalrcn.com

The beautiful Beyoncé shared a couple of photos in your account of Instagram, for her fans speculate, it could be in the pregnancy.

The controversy arose because the audience is accustomed to see, like an artist with clothes, hinting that they show skin, and this is covered in your body, and you can see to fill your stomach a little.

In snapshots, the interpreters, the recognised issue of ‘Single ladies’ wearing a long dress in white, pictures in purple with a hole in its right leg.

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“This is your indicator of pregnancy”“she is pregnant and not hides. Congratulations” and “I Feel that you’re pregnant and I don’t know why, but if it is true, I’m happy for you”, were some of the reactions of users in the social network.

Beyonce is enjoying with his family these days, in the summer in New York and has exploited a couple of picturesbetween which are located in the center of this controversy.

The singer currently lives with her husband Jay-z are parents of small Blue Ivy and the twins, Rumi, and Sir. However, the number of members could rise in the coming months, or at least that is what you believe in the world of celebrity gossip.

However, information is not something that the singer is accustomed to do, since it is known that she speaks a little about her life, the intimate if a message is published, directly, to play without with the expectation of their fansas spent, if I were your twins Rumi and Sir was in the pregnancy.

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