When is the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Alex?


Alex Rodriguez since want to marry with Jennifer Lopez, as announced, soon the date?

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Alex Rodriguez since want to marry with Jennifer Lopez, as announced, soon the date?

For anyone it is a secret that Alex Rodriguez as a teenager in love, since you go officially announced their engagement to Jennifer Lopez, and this time, when he passed a year, just from him a proposal of marriage, the singer, the expelotero dedicated to the beautiful words of his beloved, where he will see that you want to, you to the altar and waits.

“A year ago, on a beach in the Bahamas … I Was nervous, more than nervous that my whole career as a player, I’ve said on my knees and you pedímatrimoni… you that Yes free to play game..Jennifer, every moment with you is a blessing. You’re my best friend, my inspiration, a mother is incredible and a role model for all,” said the exbeisbolista on your Instagram, where hung the photography of the moment, on his knees, and asked the hand to J., What in the past year.

“Macha, I’m really lucky with you. Thank you for improving my life. I can’t wait to have more memories with you…I love you. #Happy anniversary”, – said the athlete. And it was this phrase, “more memories with you”, what is the idea made a lot of trailers, the announced, perhaps soon, what are all waiting for: the date of the wedding.

And enternecida words of A-Rod, the interpreter, he responded with a message, beautiful, that it seemed to be a Yes to your “relaunch of the question of marriage.

“I had a dream … (in my voice of Billie Eilish) 🎶 fans. … except it was real … every day is an adventure, exciting and beautiful… The best is yet to come, and what is a dream and always will be… I love You, love 💗💍,” said J. Lo.

The loving message, it was a day after the star of the Yankees to show that he is a turtle not a problem in the use of the skirt, the sweater and the huge earrings the Queen of hearts.

So, sharing has increased in a video on her Instagram for the own A-Rod, with which he has Get one of the challenges of social networks at the moment in the company of the artist of “Let’s Loud”.

In the funny clip I watched, first to Alex to film a mirror of his beautiful bride, while she is dressed so sensually to the rhythm of the music, in a skirt and a blouse in the color cream.

Then, and as part of the challenge, the role of exchange, and although the singer also showed himself adorned with the Laundry, I had the exbeisbolista, was the feminine look of the expelotero the attention, because with the rock and aretas, his girlfriend, lucia, a very lamativo, while he tried to move as it is.

“Yesterday evening, Tiktoks💯💯 @jlo in AROD13!!!”, was the commentary with Rodriguez, the video in just a few hours, accompanied viral, and he had thousands of comments and more than 3 million views.

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In an interview with the artist of the “Ring”, Oprah, during the event, ” Vision 2020, revealed what he loves most, her fiancé.

“It was different than anything I’ve ever experienced. I love your consistency: what he says, does, always, and it’s worth it. In addition, he also wants to build together, is something I never had,” said the star of the movie, Selena, with a lot of honesty, and it was there, where you you against your ex.

“I never had no one, has the desire seems to be to see me, or grows… and he is an important part of what is happening in my life at this moment. He is never to me… (gestures scolding),” added the mother of Max and Emme, who also said that the expelotero is a man with a personality as overwhelming and a feeling of empathy, even your own son recognizes.